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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

Nellie, a yacht sailor, slipped from her anchor without any interruptions and was comfortable. The flood had come, the air was almost calm, and the stream was tied, the only thing left to do was to wait for it to arrive.

The maritime supply of the Thames extends to us like the beginning of an intercontinental waterway. In the foreground, the sea and the sky were seamlessly folded together, and in the luminous space, the tendered seals of flowing bulls appear sharply red in the peak canvas, With the sparkle of different spirits. A haze rested on the shores of the seafront. The air above Graysund was dark, and the sound of the distant still erupts in a gloomy gloom, which covers the largest and largest city on earth.

Heart of darkness

The director of the companies was our captain and our host. All four of us looked at his back in love while he was at sea looking for the sea. On the whole river, there was nothing that looked like half a sea. He resembled a pilot, in which the ship has a position of trust. It was hard to understand that his work was not on the luminous monastery, but behind it, within the fiery universe.

Between us, there was, as I have already said, the bond of the sea. In addition to combining our hearts for long-lasting separation, this effect makes us tolerate each other's sentiments, even beliefs. Lawyer - The best old companion he has, because of his many years and many good qualities, was the only cushion on the deck, and only one on the carpet. The accountant had already brought out a box of dominoes and was doing architectural tying with the bones. Malu sat to the right, leaning against Mazin Mast. His neck was submerged, a yellow color, a straight back, a cynical side, and his arms dropped, the palms of his hands outstretched, like an idol. The director was satisfied that the anchor had a good grip, made his way and sat us down. We exchanged a few words slowly. Afterward, there was silence as the yacht rode. For some other reason, we didn't start playing Dominoes. We felt meditation, and to fit in without panic. The day was coming to an end in the silence of quiet and brilliant talent. The water was clear. The sky, with no stains, was a very wide spectrum of light. The fog on the Essex Marsh was like a gauzy and radiant fabric, hanging from the ground rising in the jungle, and dragging the lower edge into the defense fold. On the west side only the depressed, reaching the highest floor, every minute becomes more agitated as the sun is approaching.

Heart of Darkness

And finally, in its fateful and incomparable fall, the sun sank low, and the shining white turned into a dim red without any rays and no heat, as if suddenly out of touch, suffering from this sadness. I have come and become a victim of death. Crowds of men.

After that, there was a change over the waters, and the hardness was reduced but very deep. In its vast pursuit, the old river, uncontrolled by the fall of the day, served for many years for a generation that lived on its shores, spreading into the calm dignity of an aqueduct that led to the very end of the earth. Is reached. We did not see the esteemed river in the excitement of a brief day that comes and leaves forever but in the constant light of memories. And in fact, nothing is easier for a human being, as the phrase goes, "following the sea" with devotion and affection, to inflame the great spirit of the past at the bottom of Thomas. The hurricane advances in its unwavering service, littered with memories of men and ships that have endured the rest of the home or sea battles. From Sir Francis Drake to Sir John Franklin, he has known and served all those who have a title and no title, the work of the great knights of the sea.

Heart of Darkness

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