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Jack Ma
Founder of Alibaba.com

Jack Ma Success Story, Founder of Alibaba.com | The little boy was none other than Alibaba founder Jack Ma. In March 2016, this leading e-commerce company in China boasted a net revenue of CN ¥ 71.46 billion. Although Jack Ma's incredible story is a sensible one to become a billionaire for earning $ 12b a month, he attributes his shining success to the relentless pursuit of luck. "Never give up. Today is tough, tomorrow will be worse, but tomorrow will be sunshine," he has often said. And today, almost immediately the stubbornness of a young man who refused to bow down to fate has come to an end. Not surprisingly, Jack Ma has recently been named one of the richest people in China, and one of the top billionaires in Asia.

Jack Ma Success Story, Founder of Alibaba.com | Zystick.com

For Ma, this success came at a cost to his youth today, where he stepped one foot in the best way he could count today.

However, he also taught her to put one foot on the ground and drag her way back to a safe land and watch her next step. Like many legends before them, Jack Ma refuses to be told. And like his imaginary idol, Forest Gump, he fled like hell to himself, no matter what the challenge.

From an early age, Ma became aware of her own failures and weaknesses, and after learning to work on them for a day, became her prize point. Prior to Hangzhou Teachers University, which was considered the worst university in my city, I passed the exam twice from the university. I was studying become a high school English teacher. At my college, I was a elected Student Chairman and later became Chairman of the Student Federation of the city. "Having the last class in the classroom can have a serious impact on any child's self-esteem, making them feel completely useless. Despite running a leading tech company, Jack Ma was and still is awesome at math.

He failed multiple subjects at the school and even failed the university exam twice before going to an unclear college. Fortunately for him, he got an insight that convinced him that being at the top of the class was not the same as being intelligent or driven. Names like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and Rabindranath Tagore affirmed the belief that intellectual ability is not limited to the four walls of a single classroom. He never stopped believing that his virtue was somewhere else. Later, I applied to Harvard University 10 times and was rejected 10 times.

Jack Ma Success Story, Founder of Alibaba.com | Zystick.com

This shows that more than earning a seat, his goal was to keep up with a seemingly impossible challenge and try to work it out in different ways. Pre-Alibaba got my story and my dream from America. The Hero Forrest Gump I have ... I like that guy. I've been watching this movie about 10 10 times.

Whenever I'm frustrated, I watch the movie. I had seen the movie before I moved to New York. I saw the movie again saying nothing changed, it is you. "Ma, like other students' postgraduates, faced the challenge of competing with their batchmates and freshmen across the country, earning good jobs. Properly earned a degree in English less than a well-known college. That did not work in his favor, and although he applied for 30 different job security jobs, he was rejected the most. While interviewing Bloomberg, he even admitted that there were 24 candidates. Of those, he was the only candidate who was removed from the KFC post. When applying for a position in the police, he was informed. Or they are "not good."

There are a lot of reactions that someone has to count when they go, and if it were you and I, they would probably have broken something. But for Jack Ma, the challenge became a part and parcel of life. He succeeded in obtaining a Master's degree in English and International Trade from this university. While his pocket was virtually empty, he had hope for the next stage of his career. However, at that time, he had no clue what it would be. After Alibaba At first, I just wanted to survive. In the first three years, we made zero income. I remember many times when I was trying to make a payment, the owner of the restaurant would say, "Your bill was paid. "And another note would be," Mr. Ma, I am your user on the Alibaba platform. I made a lot of money so I paid the bill. "When I set up Alibaba in 1999, it was not an immediate success. The Chinese economy had not yet developed to support the e-commerce industry, which was thought to be a threat to the traditional shop business.

At every step of the way, Ma had to resist resistance - from shopkeepers.

Success Story of Jack Ma, The Founder of Alibaba.com | ZeeTastic.com

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