The powerful secret for life in this short story |


The powerful secret of life in this short story |

Once a young man asked a wise man, Socrates, the secret of success. Socrates patiently heard the man's question and asked for an answer the next morning near the river. The next morning Socrates asked the young man to walk down the river. As they went into the river, the water reached their necks. But to the surprise of the young man, Socrates trapped him in the water.

The young man struggled to get out of the water, but Socrates was strong and held him back until the boy turned blue. Socrates lifted the man's head out of the water. The young man took a deep breath of breath. Socrates asked, What do you need most when your head is in the water? The young man replied, "Yes." When you want success like the bad air you had in the water, then you will achieve it. There is no secret.

The moral lesson of the story

A burning desire is the beginning of all achievements. Just as a low fire cannot give too much heat, so a weak desire cannot produce good results

The powerful secret of life in this short story. |
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