A few things for a successful life, the secret to success

A few things for a successful life, the secret to success
A few things for a successful life, the secret to success

A few things for a successful life, the secret to success

Hani was a very good, smart and fluent girl. She came first in each class. Because of his intelligence, his teachers liked him too. At its inception, it was awarded annually. In school, everyone loved her and she loved everyone at home. Grandpa, Amy, dad, brother-in-law all loved her because she was a very obedient child.

Hani participated in every school competition and won the maximum number of contests. In this way he had accumulated enough rewards. She looks at these rewards and says cheerfully that this is the result of my hard work.

Hani entered eighth grade, passing discrimination numbers. From the beginning of the year, he set up his own timetable of hard work and did everything accordingly. The examinations came to a close. Like Hani, other students were working hard. They also wanted to come first, like Hani.

The exams were over. All waiting for the result. And when the results came, all the students were surprised because they had worked hard this time too. But the first position was delayed.

When Hani descended from the stage with the prize, all the students came to him and congratulated him. "What is the secret of your success in the end? Nothing special, just time restriction and God is the secret of my success," Hani replied. "We didn't understand anything". Wait I explain, actually, I do all my work on time. It is not okay to read at all times, but the mind should also be at peace, which is why I read books in my spare time.

All the people in our house are obligated to read the prayer and the Qur'an. I have never seen my parents and any of the people in our house praying or walking out. Son should try to pray at the time. If it is time to pray while working, then give importance to prayer. It was just about time I started to pray at the time.

It was difficult at first, but later it became a habit. When I started praying on time, it became my routine to work on my life time.

I do everything by trusting ALLAH. I also believe in my prayers. When I get success through these prayers, I do not take pride in it, but rather accept it as the reward of my parents and prayers, and thank ALLAH that they rewarded me for my hard work.

That's the secret of my success. Hani's words had a profound effect on all the children. They also vowed that they would practice all of these things so that success could kiss their footsteps.

True, time is essential to success and prayer is the only way to be punctual. The secret of all those who have achieved success in the world is time constraint and trust in Allah is the key to success.

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