Inspirational story of Turkish father's love story

Inspirational story of Turkish father's love, father builds four km long mountain road in 6 days to attend daughter's school

The ideal and inspiring story of love for a father's daughter

Ankara (NNI) Parents' love for children is a natural matter, but nowadays the ideal and inspirational story of love for a father's daughter is making a prominent place in Turkish media. Four-kilometer long mountain road was constructed so that her youngest daughter could go to school.

According to foreign media reports, the Kurkat Nursery School in a rural area of ​​Turkey's southwestern province of Mollah could not go because of lack of proper roads. The school bus could not be reached because the mountain road leading to her home was poor and very narrow.

There were requests for construction of a road to the provincial education system which was rejected, saying it was a dirty jungle road and nothing could be done. Now a six-year-old boy and six years old, he was admitted to primary school in Montese District.

Father Ramadan started to take his daughter on a tractor to the nearest main street where she could find a school bus. Yes, seeing the daughter's education being affected by road misery, they decided to do something for themselves. They cleaned, dug, and paved the road with their own hands.

He took out a huge loan and rented a truck and four trucks. The municipality provided him a truck and a junior by the forests. In six days, Dad built a four-kilometer road. Now the puppy can go to school comfortably, and the school bus now picks and drops him at the door.

The Gramsey family built the road, however, was heavily burdened with debt. Immediately after construction, an unexpected person knocked on their door. These were the District Governor's male children. He gave good news to the family of Gamzay that all their debt has been paid on the orders of the Mughal governor, Esingul Sevlik.

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