The secret to a successful and prosperous life

The secret to a successful and prosperous life - is it possible to have a successful and prosperous life together?

The secret to a successful and prosperous life

You have often heard people say that this person is living a very successful life. But what is a "successful life" success? Can there be a line between successful and unsuccessful life? Are successful people always happy?

Mere interpretation of dreams does not guarantee a successful life

Generally people see the fulfillment of their desires as a measure of success. But the award-winning American author disagrees, writing that, "Success in a specific purpose does not lead to lasting happiness, because once a person has achieved his goal, a human starts to pursue a new dream and so on. This series keeps going. " For example, most young people who start a professional career are not satisfied with their successes and do not consider their lives to be prosperous. A few years ago, these young men used to spend money with their parents, earn nothing, and many did not even own a car or motorcycle. Then his dreams were limited to his income and personal riding. But as these goals were achieved, they began to dream more. The desire to achieve more is not bad, but the pursuit of a specific purpose as a source of happiness is a never-ending series. As soon as one of your goals is achieved, a new goal will emerge and you will not be able to achieve the same level of happiness as you did in the past.

How do successful and prosperous people live?

Harvard Business School did a research on successful people in which they tried to find the secret to success and happiness,  writes Dr. Travis Bradbray. The results of this study showed that successful and prosperous people focus on these four activities.

1. Instead of achieving goals, work hard to be a source of happiness

2. Choosing realistic goals that can be achieved

3. Doing things that positively impact the lives of others

4. Participate in activities that transmit knowledge and achievements to the next generation

In short, people who are successful and prosperous do not wait for happiness until they achieve a specific goal, but the hard work they put into it is the secret of their happiness. And then when they achieve their goal, they get more mental satisfaction. Anjani Abdul Sattar Edhi was one of those people who made the service of humanity a source of happiness rather than a specific goal, he chose realistic goals, his welfare activities improved the lives of the common man and inherited Pakistan. Leaving a great organization like the Edhi Foundation for.

Success and satisfaction are not possible with a normal lifestyle

In the article, Dr. Brad Bray describes the famous Swiss psychologist Karl Young, "a normal lifestyle is the favorite motive of failed people". The American author adds:

Successful people do not abandon their works. If you have a great idea but you don't put it into practice, it doesn't matter.

It is not possible to practice unique and unique ideas by adopting a simple lifestyle. So if you find your unique project workable, you have to work beyond the normal thinking to make it successful. Initially, failure can also be encountered, but positive-minded individuals do not mind failure, but often try to learn from mistakes. And keep thinking of "what people will say" because some of the most successful people in the world, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin (the inventor of Android), did something unique, and because of their wit, hard work, and commitment. Succeeded.

Life is the world!

It is good to work hard, but it is not wise to ignore health because of the excesses of work. Dr. Brad Berry writes:

The role of health is very important in success and prosperity. Successful people always take special care of their health.

There is an old saying that first man puts his health at stake to make money and then tries to restore health with the money he earned. Allocate some time for good sleep, proper rest and exercise so you can live a healthy and happy life.

Envy is the enemy of happiness

American essayist writes:

They (successful people) are happy with the achievements of others, while those who consider themselves insecure (fail) think that they have lost their value in this way and they do not miss the opportunity to criticize others indirectly.

Being jealous of the success of others does not make a person successful, but it also increases psychological pressure, which makes it difficult to achieve happiness and satisfaction. On the contrary, learning something new by inspiring others' achievements enhances enthusiasm. Understand your importance, appreciate the good works of others, and remove jealousy from life.

Comparing your life with others is not appropriate

You should not compare your life with others for success, say Dr. Travis Bradbury, who did good research on prosperous and successful people. If you consider others to be prosperous simply because they have a bigger house, expensive cars and more money, then you may be wrong. Not every rich person is very prosperous. Only wealthy people live happy prosperous lives, who love their profession and find happiness in working hard.

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