Our Society Is a Picture Of Our Life Style | As we are, so will society

our society is a picture of our life style

Our Society

You have often heard people say that society is not good and sometimes we are complaining about it ourselves. Whenever someone makes a mistake or something is wrong, then we say that our society is not right. Ibn fact, the society that gets it wrong or right is ourselves.
In this article we will discuss all that.

How does any society go wrong?

It is up to us whether any society is right or wrong. Society is right wrong with our procedure we ourselves make it right wrong. If we see in society that something is wrong, we must think about whether we are making that mistake ourselves or not. As each person continues to correct his mistakes, one day our society will be right.

  • If we are lying, it is destroying society.
  • If we are cheating, it will make society worse.
  • If we misbehave with someone, it will also spoil our society.
  • If tolerance is ending within us then think that tolerance is ending within our society.
  • What we divide is what we see everywhere.
  • If we are doing something bad in this society ourselves, we can never hope for the good.

What are wo doing improve this society?

Have we ever wondered what we are doing to improve our society, what is our role in this society and what we are doing? Our way of living has become something that we do not look at ourselves and our eyes are always looking at the other person, looking at the other person's way of life, always making mistakes of others.  While in reality we need something else to be. The fulfillment of good society comes from the people living in this society. The beginning of any society starts with the education of our children.

If we lie in front of our children, our children will learn the lie and they will lie too and thus society will be destroyed. And the same lie that someone speaks to us, we say that society is bad when it is our own lying lie coming to us. We should talk lovingly to our children and not to the misery that will bring our society to a good end and it will not take us long to travel the light.

Truth, honesty and good manners are what make any society great. We should never lie or cheat to save our current loss. Good society always shows good nations. The true face of a good society is seen by their morals.

We should not think that what someone is doing to us we just have to consider how good we are doing and how bad we are and if we will end our evil one by one.  It is not far away that our society will speak like this, our society will also be honest.

Lying is evil forever and lying is bad. The truth is good forever and the end of truth is good.

No nation needs too many people for a revolution. Everywhere a revolution comes, it comes because of one person.  Only when we think of society will we be better off. When we think within ourselves that we have to improve society then only society will get better. We will try to do good. Just think that if we start this revolution in our house from today, then our children's behavior will be good.  They will go and tell the truth wherever they sit and spread the good always, so gradually and our society will become very good.

I hope you enjoy today's article and have learned a lot from you. So today we start a good society. We will always speak the truth. We will always be honest and not deceive anyone. Thank you.

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