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Create A Web Of Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

As I'm sure you already know using Social media sites is an incredibly powerful way of generating traffic. Social Media Sites

So I just want to share with you how I use social media sites to increase traffic.

A lot of people concentrate only on driving traffic to there main sites, which is important but you also need to concentrate on driving traffic to your social media as well.

Social Media Sites, A really easy way to do this is to use different social media sites and link them all together. All the major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin make it really easy to connect with other sites because they want you to share, as it helps them grow.

Here is a rough diagram of how I am using social media at the moment
Each of the social media sites I use has links FROM this site (see the funky little floating buttons on the right), that's the red arrows.

The green arrows show links coming indirectly to this site, these are the links from my profile on each social site.

The yellow arrows show how I link each social site to the next by using the SHARE features. Using the SHARE feature is really powerful as it allows me to share anything I want with just one click. For example, if I want to share a new blog post I can go to Linked-in and write something like "Check out my great new blog post and tell me what you think!", Social Media Sites
Click SHARE and it immediately gets tweeted and comes up on my Facebook page at the same time!

The white arrows show more random links between another web 2.0 sites like blogger or Squidoo, these all link to one or more of the social sites and sometimes directly to this site

The point is that I don't just have links coming to this site, I try to spread links between all the social sites that I use so it all looks more natural to the search engines.

Another resource I use is a free membership site called IBO toolbox. This is a great site that is 100% free to join and allows you to advertise your business.

It works kind of like a Facebook wall, members can use it to write posts to promote their business where it can be liked, shared or commented on just like Facebook. You can also write press releases that get published on IBO's network blogs.  Any press release or wall post can be shared by anyone to just about any social site!  This is really powerful.

Social Media Sites, There are also other tools to use including a URL shortener, Adsense tool, Facebook tab and the IBO wallplate like the one on this page!

So this how I'm using social media at the moment, although I haven't been doing it long I can tell you I have been getting more traffic to this site.

I hope this post has given you some ideas about your own social media marketing, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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