Want to Be a Blogger or Writer? Develop These Behaviors Immediately

How to be a Writer or Blogger?

How to be a Writer or Blogger?

If you want to write, don't wait for any way out. Pen paper, blogger, or mobile screen and social media are enough. Start writing Here are some tips I share with you. If you also want to add something, you can express yourself in the comments.

Don't think who will read and how many will read. How many likes, comments or shares came up. Write only for yourself, to bring your ideas into existence. The writing that no one reads is still called writing.

Start writing your regional language in a language you are comfortable with speaking, easy to explain. Try to write as you speak, straightforward, simple, clear and to the point.

Keep writing free of unnecessary length, texture, or density. Wherever you are, ignore you. It is not necessary to write very difficult or oblique words with no two or four poems, then only the writing will be good. Good writing is called good because of its structure and fluency. The rest of the fantasies or phrases cut out over time.

Want to Be a Blogger or Writer? Develop These Behaviors Immediately

Where to Get Content for Blogging?

The study is very important for all types of writing. If you haven't read two hundred books in your life, no need to panic, you can start today. From just one book. There are numerous available online, PDF, eBooks. Especially which in the language, you want to write. And try to be a different and diverse study. Fiction, non-fiction, literature, history, sociology, psychology, politics, even digest. For old writers, the study of all colors is very useful when you get old numbers from anywhere. Issues can also be found online.

Also try to read a daily newspaper online, or read the headlines and read the editor/column. Likewise, there are many English, Urdu websites, blogging, etc. and good social media writers. Be sure to read them or follow them on social media.

Watching good movies, dramas and series or seasons can also upgrade the thinking. Avoid watching local news channels, including talk shows.

Meet people, learn with the knowledgeable persons where to sit. YouTube etc are otherwise. There are thousands of lectures at one click.

Don't worry that your grammar is not very good, don't make too many sentences, slowly writing and writing will improve. If you post anywhere and the platform forbids it, don't fret. Apply it to your page or profile.

Want to Be a Blogger or Writer? Develop These Behaviors Immediately

When writing, try not to over-speak yourself, refrain from your appreciation. Likewise, comment on the issue or point of religion, group, gender, caste, caste, and lesbianism, without prejudice to provincialism, And never think of it as a final or final fact during or after the presentation.
Don't let your thoughts be static either. Always keep the students thinking and continue the journey towards more and better thinking and ideas.

Avoid the satire in writing, as one teacher says, a satire is a two-edged sword. Be very thoughtful and very humorous. Do not target the species at all; anger, resentment is better if not shown in writing.

Don't copy or write down any part of anyone's writing. In your own words, explain or oppose this issue or idea. Give someone a name or reference if you have some quotes. Copy someone's post and share it on your wallpaper so you must name it, this is also piety.

Don't just ride a car to make people happy, publicity or moving. Write down your opinion, the decision of your heart, and what you understand. Even if the people, family, relatives, and friends closest to you are not against this point of view. Yes, when writing, write with all your knowledge and honesty. And do not miss the humility and morality of the hand.

And it is not necessary that every topic is written, and opinions are given everywhere. But if there is any news or any data that you write, see the entire reference. And very comfortably. Then add it. Do not provide swapping statements while sitting.

Try, get an issue highlighted by your writing, get a protest language. Someone benefits himself, someone is at ease, someone has peace or happiness or his knowledge and information are increased. There should be a purpose for writing something. Remember, typing abilities and piles of words do not work.

And yes, before sending the post, please read it two or three times, somewhere that a phrase is incomplete, somewhere a typing error, a comma full stop, or a point like that. So proofreading is essential. If your own writing is not being read two or three times, remember that it is not to be read once by the reader.

Hopefully, there will be some reduction in confusion for newcomers or many people who just want to write. You can ask the rest of the questions you have in mind. May Allah please you and ease you, Amen

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