Which is the Best Between Blogger and WordPress for a Website?

Which is the Best Between Blogger and WordPress for a Website?

Often when new people come to the website field, this question comes to their mind. What's Better in Blogger and WordPress?

Today I will make complete and accurate information in this article. So that many people can solve this problem.

The points that will be described in this article. If you read them carefully you will end up with this issue, and you will not think about what's better in Blogger and Wordpress.
There are some points in this article that you may have heard and seen before.

But this could also be the next point you don't know.
So reading this article in full will require your valuable time and attention.

What's better between Blogger and Wordpress, When does such a question come to mind?

Human is naturally quick.
When new people see that many people are making money from the website, they find it very easy. And they start it without any preparation. Most people go to YouTube. They search on how to create a free web site.

They create a website on Blogger after watching some videos. And they start working.

But after a few days of work when a visitor does not come to their web site, then it comes to their mind "What is better between Blogger and Word Press".

But they do not think that traffic does not come from Blogger or Word Press. Instead, you should get all the work that comes with search engines and users first. Because any search engine wants to give good results to the user according to the query of the user. And if that result is not on your website then you will never get that visitor.

It doesn't matter to Google and other search engines or to a user whether your website is on Blogger or Word Press.

If your website is getting user satisfaction, it doesn't matter if your website is on Blogger or Word Press.

  • Now let me tell you about the differences and features of Blogger and Wordpress.
  • Then finally I'll tell you. What To Do For Website Success And how you have to work.
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Which is the Best Between Blogger and WordPress for a Website?

As we all know Blogger is a Google-made platform.
Which is completely free. The purpose of being a blogger was to get people to come here and express their views.
Creating a website requires a few things.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL

Domain - Blogger provides you with a free subdomain facility here. The name by which you can launch your website. But I would suggest that you use the custom domain here. That would be better.

Hosting - One of the biggest benefits of Blogger is that you get free hosting forever.
You can upload any kind of content here for free. For which you do not have to pay any money.

SSL - SSL is for the security of any website. And it's good to be free at Blogger too. Your website is safe.

Can we make a website with Blogger? And what kind of website can we build on Blogger?

If your website has a lot of content and articles, there is nothing better for you than Blogger. Because Blogger's Unlimited Free Hosting is great for you. You never have to think that loading will make any difference to your hosting.

You can only work without being anxious.
In my experience, for a layman, only a blogger will be better. Here you can create all kinds of blogs and websites.
For example - personal blog, poetry website, news website, services website, a freelancing website, video web site, lyrics website, micro Niche web site, online sailing website, business website, One Page Websites, and a variety of websites you can create on Blogger.

And I've built websites on a number of topics and built for my clients. You can visit these websites and make it easier to understand.
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Blogger Templates | Website design

Here you need the most attention.

Most people spend a lot of time thinking about how their website design should be.

Or they want their website to have lots of colors and brightness. For those, I would like to talk about it. Let me consider this. Believe it or not, there are no other tips.

One thing to keep in mind is that no visitor comes to see the design of your website. All the visitor needs is information. He just looks to see if your website is being met.

Google and other search engines value this website as well. Which is very simple and clean.

The visitor is disturbed by the excessive colors and design and makes it difficult to read the content.

Blogger Free Templates

Blogger offers some great themes here that you can customize to your liking.

There is nothing better for a blogger than Blogger's own themes if I give my advice here. Because these themes are self-replicated by Google. And you can never have a problem with them. So they will be faster.

If you need a theme for Blogger, let me know in the comments, I can give you a free theme.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blogger, And ideas that have no real existence.

I've heard from many people when they say that we can make more money from a blogger website?

And when many people say that a blogger's website doesn't get much success or it doesn't matter. LOL .....

Then I ask a question.

Which is the world's largest search engine?
Answer: Google

What is the biggest way to make money from a website?
Answer - Advertising, ADS

Which ad networks are most associated with?
Answer: Google AdSense

Whose platform is Blogger?
Answer: Google

Now I have a question for you.

And there it is

Will Google give great importance to a good website built on Blogger?
Or another platform?

Answer- Blogger, because it has its own platform. And any company values ​​its product more.

Because it is known by its name. And he wants people to use his platform.

So if you want to drive traffic from Google, it's best for you to use Google's products. And do not listen to anyone. This will waste your time.


Which is the Best Between Blogger and WordPress for a Website?

WordPress is famous for its infinite number of features and plugins.
Large companies use WordPress.
Because it has a plugin for every function. Which makes the task easier. But here you have to buy everything.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL
  • Template

A domain is the address of your site that you must buy.

Hosting - In Word Press you need good hosting that you have to pay for. And often you may be upset because of this. If your hosting company is not providing good service.

SSL-WordPress you also have to buy an SSL certificate. Some hosting companies also offer SSL free.

Templates - In WordPress, you may also have to buy a template to build a good website, and if you want it for free you can also get it from Word Press Org.

Why is Word Press Better?

If you want a lot of features on the website, then WordPress may be better for you. Because there are plugins out there. This helps your features be implemented on your website.

But my advice is that if you are new and your work is not company level then WordPress is not good for you.

Because if you have a car, So you don't have to own a tire shop.
Likewise, if your work is getting better and Free in one place, you should not spend money on it.

Because you're just getting started.

  • Most people don't appreciate the free stuff. But if you work hard at it, you can succeed.

How To Build A Successful Website In The Beginning?

How To Build A Successful Website In The Beginning?

Here are some steps that you need to focus on.
First, check what you know. A topic where you don't need any help to write. Remember one thing, you do not have to copy the content of anybody, whatever the authors just use their thinking.

Write down people's needs. Questions that are posted on the Internet. Give them answers in your articles. When you start any topic, describe it thoroughly so that the visitor needs are met.

Write in simple words that everyone can understand. Try to write in English because is the international language. And everyone can understand it.

Never do evil to anyone. Demonstrate good manners. And if someone doesn't like your work, don't be upset. Rather, respond to it well and say that in the future you will try to improve your work.

I hope you'll find answers to many of your questions in this article. If you have any further questions you can ask in the comments.

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