List of Business Ideas

List of Business Ideas You Can Use Anywhere In The World

List of Business Ideas

Looking for ideas to start up your own business, want to do something different but not sure what? Below is a List of Business Ideas that may just fit your needs or wish list. Enjoy.

List of Business Ideas

    • Create electronic photo albums on CD (families can give them as gifts for Xmas)

    • Design and print coffee table beautifully bound hardcopy books (such as photo albums, family trees, bio, life celebration, autobiography)

    • Make customized greeting cards (incl thank you, Xmas, special occasion) for local businesses

    • Create party packs with a theme (ie. invites, place cards, decorations, food, consulting, etc)

    List of Business Ideas

    • Come up with unique promotional items for local businesses, outsource the production to reduce headaches and costs (ie. mousepads, mugs, calendars, gift books, cards, pens...)

    • Set up a coupon newspaper that is delivered to households; where the local business pays for cheap advertising each month (as required) and provides special offers to customers using the voucher

    • Hire talented graffiti artists to paint advertisements on the sides of buildings along the railway line to cover up ugly graphite, building owners/businesses pay for it as advertising

    • Create a large fridge magnet that acts as a 'to-do list but includes advertisements from local businesses around the outer area

    • Visit a small business or send direct mail to offer AdWords or online marketing advice

    • Create websites or blogs for local businesses and charities. List of Business Ideas

    • Create a community membership website that includes all businesses in the area, jobs in the area, and other services on offer (small fee for advertisers) include links to sites that help others (create a partnership with a developer and use that to offer website development services for businesses without a website)

    List of Business Ideas

      • Come up with an idea for software that seems to be missing from the market or can be improved upon (ie. a software program that acts like a Rolodex, which allows you to put in ideas under topics). Have it developed cheaply using various services (like available on the internet

      • Gather a collection of websites or online companies in your area that provides online advertising space; find out their monthly traffic; negotiate advertising rates; find businesses interested in advertising online, create their ads; place on all suitable advertiser sites (determined by budget)

      • Feel confident talking? Provide PR consulting services for local businesses

      • Create greeting cards that are missing in the market (ie. congratulations you are pregnant, happy divorce, you must be so proud...) List of Business Ideas

      • Create grandparent 'playdate' packs for various ages (ie. coloring pens, drawings, books, cards, small game, playdough, ideas to be creative and have fun)

      • Conduct fundraising events such as for Jelly Baby Day to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes where the local school kids make a chain of jelly babies, maybe enter the Guinness Book of Records (there's a challenge, anyone up for it let me know) List of Business Ideas

      More ideas are available on my website. Visit our Home Page

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