How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding | Budget, Guest Counting & Location

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

Making and checking guest lists (and re-checking) is one of the most difficult parts of a wedding plan. This FAQ Guide will help you get through this stressful task. And the question "How many people should I invite to my wedding?" Full answer will be given.

All examples are taken from real people's experience. For your question "Who should I invite to my wedding?" Here you will find practical and logical answers and ways to really work out how many people to invite to the wedding and how to reduce your endless guest list :).

Budget and guest count planning

How much does each wedding guest usually cost? And what will be my price per guest?

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

You can find many reports in the United States that have almost equal prices for the average price of a wedding. For example, according to these figures, for California in 2020 it is approximately $31,437. Dividing by the average number of wedding guests nationwide (that's 136) they got an average cost per guest - $231 for California weddings.

By using this equation for your calculations, you will know your personal cost per guest. This calculation can help you:

  • Finding a Venue / Vendor with Reasonable Prices,

  • Trimming the guest list, if a selected location / vendor is not cheap and costs will exceed your budget.

For example, if you plan to invite 150 people and your budget is $7,000 for dinner and catering service, you need to find a place / vendor that costs you Should not exceed $46 per plate.

What is the easiest way to reduce your wedding budget?

There are a number of ways to control your budget, one of which is to find a cheap retailer or cut open bar, for example.

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

But as the example above shows, a reception party is a big (if not the biggest) part of the wedding budget. A table for 10 people costs about $2000. And there may be people at this table you may not know. It will probably be more beneficial to invest that money in something that you really need and that will stay with you for a long time as a great reminder of your best day. And yes, wedding photography is one of those things :). Just keep in mind: more guests means more value for the wedding.

Should I invite a few more people from my guest list as there some may be no-shows?

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

The best way to deal with shows is to invite as many people as you can. We will talk about this below. You can't estimate how many people will attend but you have to keep a budget. If you can only accommodate 150 guests, do not exceed this amount. Invitations from any of your budgets can be very stressful if you don't have financial problems.

If my parents paid for (or at all) my wedding, how do I deal with their invitation list?

It is logical that if the couple is paying for the wedding, they invite the people they want to see. It may not be the whole family, but some close friends or co-workers who may not even know their parents.

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

If the wedding is paid for by the parents, they usually consider inviting you more than expected from the extended family, including their friends and those with whom they have a business. For your parents, marrying their child will be a moment of pride and they want to enjoy it to the fullest with their loved ones. In this case, it would be polite and generous to ask your mom and dad about their expectations in advance and review their guest list. Together you can find the right compromise for both parties.

How do I discuss to my planned guest number at the venue?

Well, you got the place you dreamed of for your big day. Here's how:

1. Ask prices for the minimum and maximum planned number of guests.

2. The venue will give you prices, make sure you can still afford your maximum number.

3. The amount for which you will sign is your choice. But I did know some couples who invited, for example, 200 guests hoping that money would go down. But they ended up at 250 and had to pay for everything.

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

Therefore, I suggest that you count the number of guests as  slightly above your minimum. This will not limit you too much in your guest selection. If you exceed the number of guests you have signed, you will still know what to expect in the final payment. Also, if you fall short of this amount, you may be able to get an upgrade (or additional services) from the venue / vendor.

The guest list begins with dear and close.

How to prioritize each guest on the guest list?

There are people without whom you can't even imagine your big day, like instant family and best friends of you and your partner. Keep in mind that your parents may also want to invite some people from their immediate circle. They will all be on a so-called A-list. Other guests will be on B-list. It consists of people you will still be happy to see at your wedding, but due to limited budget or venue capacity, you cannot add them to your list.

Some brides don't like the idea of dividing guests into two lists, rightly assuming that it can hurt someone's feelings if they know they are on the B-list. But the fact is that we all have family members and best friends who are very close to us. And we have other people like distant relatives, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. who do not belong to our inner circle. It's normal to have this kind of classification in your real life and in your marriage.

Another important reason to make two lists is to control the "no show" situation. The people on the A-list will receive your first round of invitations. Some of them will let you know they won't be able to attend. When you have enough regrets, start sending the second part of the invitations - to the B-list guests. As you can see, your A-list invitations will be sent much earlier than your B-list. Receiving all the invited RSVPs will give you a clear picture of who will participate.

If some of my friends are single, should I invite them with Plus One?

Obviously, married couples will be invited together. The same thing applies with betrothed couples or long-term couples.

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

What about singles? It is a kind of guest care that is treated with an extra person. That way, you'll be making your wedding time more enjoyable. Imagine sitting at a table surrounded by single couples. But every guest with +1 can easily double your expenses. In case of limited budget, you have two options:

  • If one of your guests knows at least some of the people who are attending your wedding, you do not need to give them +1.

  • In a particular case, as an exception (for example, a single is a very close friend of yours or he doesn't know anyone in your marriage) you can give him +1.

Should I invite my family and friends' children to my wedding?

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

If you have decided not to bring children in your marriage, feel free to do so. Many couples choose this because:

  • Young children can be really upsetting. And their parents spend most of their time distracting them.

  • Some places charge half the normal price for a baby. Some places charge the full cost of a five-year-old child.

  • The atmosphere of celebration changes when there are no children around. Your adult reception can be as formal and elegant as a ball, or you can keep it as loose as you want it to be.

However, keep in mind that some families with children will not attend because of this restriction and this should be fine for you as well. Not every family will accept leaving their children in the care of others.

Inviting extended family and others.

How do you decide who to invite from your family to your wedding?

In general, a couple may have doubts about sending invitations to extended family members if:

  • They stay away from relatives and do not have close contact.

  • Although you are sure that some of your distant relatives will not travel, you are sure that they will be upset if you do not send invitations.

  • Due to a limited budget, you cannot invite all the relatives from your mother and father. If you invite cousins (uncles, aunts, etc.) on the one hand, the others will feel bad.
How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

Even in these difficult situations, there are some good solutions:

  • There is nothing wrong with not inviting distant relatives that you have not seen in years past. Just give them a direct sequence of your celebration and send some kindness if you want. In general, live streaming is a great idea to increase your wedding audience in a small format.

  • Another option might be to arrange a family gathering after the wedding in your home that you want to celebrate with. It is perfectly acceptable to host a post-wedding party guest list that you could not invite due to space and budget. Marriage experts recommend that such gatherings be held in less than six months. It is very likely that if you organize a party after marriage, most of the distant relatives will not come but you will be free from any family drama.

We were invited to a friend's wedding. Do we have to invite them to us?

Generally, if you have attended a friend's wedding in the last 12 months and you have been heavily involved in wedding preparations.

Otherwise ask yourself: Has your relationship changed since you got married? Do you still have close contact? Simply put, do you care if your "no invitation" will hurt your friendship? People can feel angry and that is the reality that needs to be taken into account. If you are fully aware of this and still don't care, cut them off from your list without thinking. After all, it's best to let their seats go to people you really appreciate.

How do I respond to someone who is not invited if he asks about the invitation?

The best way to do this is to be as diplomatic as possible. One possible answer might be: "I'm sorry, but we have limited space, and I can't invite everyone. I want to invite you, but we consider inviting family and close friends." Explaining that marriage is short and intimate is one of the best non-aggressive responses.

Who can I easily cross over from my wedding guest list?

Summarizing everything written above, here is a list of people you are not obliged to add to your guest list. This will help you move your wedding guest list once and for all to the number you want:

  • Extended family members you haven't talked to in years,

  • The people who invited you to their wedding but it was more than a year and you haven't been in touch since then,

  • Children of family and friends,

  • Plus completely unfamiliar with you,

  • Potentially annoying,

  • Co-workers: Inviting co-workers to a wedding can be very dangerous. Make sure you don't feel uncomfortable without inviting others and after badly affecting the work environment. Otherwise, do not invite any of them.

  • Neighbors and simple acquaintances.

Solve wedding guest list issues.

How to encourage guests to RSVP and what to do if guests do not RSVP?

The traditional way to get a quick reply is to send a mail-in response card with the invitation, plus a sealed pre-addressed envelope. You can still do this, especially for older relatives. But for younger guests, it's best to send invitations via emails, texting, your wedding website, or Facebook events. In this case, it is better to change the RSVP expression to "please reply".

How Many People Should i Invite to my Wedding

You have to account for the fact that some people will forget or ignore your deadline. The best solution here is to contact them in person by calling, texting, or emailing one or two days after the deadline for replies. It will not be obscene because you are sure that they have received your messages anyway. For you as a host, silent RSVP simply means "no, I'm not coming". So feel free to remind someone, "Our wedding will be in two weeks. I haven't heard from you, so I assume you won't be able to attend, okay? Then I married you." Let me send you some pictures."

How do I invite guests to in event only?

Although some guests may not feel excited to attend an event without a reception, it is becoming more common. In some cultures, that's fine. For example, according to Mexican wedding tradition, people from all over the city can share a big day with the couple during a church ceremony and in a street procession. They will not expect to go to the reception as it is usually just an invitation.

If you are just hesitant about the event, it may be a good idea to offer guests a light snack with cakes, champagne and other drinks after the event. This type of cocktail reception will help your guests answer "yes" to your invitations. Other ways to invite guests to your event are:

  • Arranging events and receptions at various venues. Some of the invited guests will only come to the church, others will attend the reception party at the venue.

  • Your party invitation includes a very clear written word "wedding party only".

  • Consider not inviting people from afar. It would be a very polite mistake to ask them to travel to only one event.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Maybe, it's really better to keep the list short - for both close family and friends at the event and reception.

How do we tell people that they are no longer invited to our wedding?

This is not uncommon when a marriage is postponed or reshaped (from large to small). It's best to notify guests as soon as possible, especially if you need to uninvite large portions of the guest list, for example, due to a COVID or GOVT Policy.

If we are planning a destination wedding, how can we help our guests save money?

Just be sure that the destination wedding will be expensive for the guests as well. If you really want to get married in a foreign area, just accept the fact that the number of guests at the celebration of your destination may be less than the average number of wedding guests.

In addition, you may want to consider some options:

  • Pay for each trip, rent a van or bus to take guests to the venue, at least try to get a lower rate at the hotel etc.

  • Invite guests near you and pay only for them,

  • After the wedding, welcome everyone to your hometown.

How to deal with unmarried guests (who answered yes!)

One of the best ways to deal with a marriage problem is to say yes or no, and not to say no. The percentage of guests invited to the wedding is clear from the statistics: it happens to about 80% guests or sometimes even less. Unfortunately, 10 to 20 percent of people who RSVP with a "yes" can't come to the party. Assuming that an empty table for 10 people can cost about $2000 for a couple, it is not surprising that some newlyweds would consider nine shows to be too much of an insult to them. Knowing in advance that guests were not coming, the couple could have significantly reduced their expenses.

Consider preventing no-show surprises at your wedding without:

  • If you are on a public holiday, keep in mind that some guests may have holiday plans.

  • Your venue is within easy reach of most of the guests. Otherwise, consider paying for guest transportation.

  • Your guest list is at least out of town.

  • If you are in doubt about your guest list, consider giving the caterer a lower setting per table and reserve nearby tables for family and friends who will definitely attend.
Keep these things in mind so that after the celebration you will not contemplate sending all the absentees an invoice for the missed meals as one couple from Minnesota did for their no-show guests :). Eventually, consider investing money in something that will bring you more joy on your wedding day than unreliable people. It may be a great live streaming, extra two hours of wedding videography (we are ready to organize it from any state or territory of the US), or a memorable send-off: just anything that makes your best day really amazing. 

So, ready with your guest list but still don’t know what’s next? So Contact With Us.

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