How to make Compass in Minecraft

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Many players no longer use the compass, however, they are incredibly useful for first-time explorers who are trying to remember where certain places and things are in their world.

Noting points is a way to remember places, but having a compass on hand always works. Compass maps are also an important part of crafting, which is always fun to play with. Here's how you make a compass.

Required Materials

Here are the materials you will need to make a compass:

  • Crafting table

  • furnace

  • 7 iron ore

  • 1 Redstone

How to make a compass?

In short:

To make a compass you will need to place 4 iron rings and 1 red stone in a 3x3 crafting grid. Redstone should be placed in the middle and 4 iron rings should be placed in fashion which covers all the squares of red stone. Once you have finished making the compass, move it to your inventory.

Step-by-step guide (with photos):

To build a compass in Minecraft, you need to follow the step-by-step photo guide.

To make a compass, the first thing you will need is a craft table. The first step in making a crafting table is to convert these recent parts into wooden planks.

To make wooden planks, keep only the logs that were stored in a slot in the Survival Inventory Crafting Table, as shown:

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Once the logs are converted into wooden planks, you can move on to creating a crafting table. This guide explains how to make a crafting table.

You will need a crafting table to make the simplest type of pickaxe to assemble the first piece of cobblestone. You need this cobbler to make the furnace. The first part of making packs is to make a stick for the handle. You can use the Survival Inventory Crafting Table or the Crafting Table you made to make your stick.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

To make a stick, place two blocks of wooden planks on top of each other on the left or right side of the square, as shown above.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Now you have to make a pickaxe. This can be done by negotiating with a craft table. Next, in the crafting table, place a row of boards at the top of the crafting GUI and place two rods under the middle board, as seen above. This will create a pack for your cobbler to use to collect the stone - a desired block for making the furnace.

To learn more about how to make a furnace, use this guide.

Next you have to find some iron and coal.

Although you only need seven pieces of iron for this recipe, iron is really an important resource, so it is recommended that you collect enough of it. To collect iron, however, you need to choose a stone.

To choose a stone, you use the same recipe as described earlier but replace the wood with cobble stone. An example is given below.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Iron and coal are abundant and can be found around caves, in rocks, or even in rock-topped biomes.

Once you find your coal, dig it up, and start looking for iron.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Iron is usually produced in places like coal and can be easily found both in surface caves and below the surface.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Once you find all 7 pieces of your iron, you have to sniff them. To melt, use your furnace to sniff the iron up to the thumb.

Open the furnace GUI:

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Fill the top with the iron you want to smell.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Then place your fuel form (in this case, coal) below:

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Wait for the progress bar to fill, then assemble your iron:

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Compasses are not something you can make in the beginning, because they need red stone. First, you have to go from wooden packs to stones, and then to iron packs. Redstone ore can only be collected with iron packs.

To make iron packs, follow the same crafting recipe for all other packs, just replace the top row with an iron thumb. In the picture below is the recipe.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Now you have to go and find some red stones.

Redstone produces less iron and coal at the Y level, between Bedrock and Y level 16. Mining in the valleys or even just mining at Y-levels will help you get across the Red Stone easily.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Once you have dug your own red stone and collected at least a piece of red stone dust, you can finally make your own compass!

Lay down your crafting table and open the crafting GUI.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Then, in the middle of the GUI, place the remaining iron thumb in the shape of a diamond, and place a piece of your red stone in the middle, as shown below.

How to make Compass in Minecraft

Wow! Your compass is made, take it.


Congratulations! Now you have succeeded in making a compass! Compasses are the best tool to know where you are in the world and how to get home, but remember where your home is headed. Compasses have become somewhat obsolete in their use over the years, but they can also be used to make maps, which are always fun to play with.

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