How To Raid on Twitch

How To Raid on Twitch SIX Simple Steps

Promoting other Twitch Streamers has become much easier with their raid feature!

Not long ago, Twitch enabled a new feature that allowed a streamer to send all its viewers to another person. This selfless act allowed generous streamers to spread awareness about incoming streamers who may be struggling to make it to the Twitch scene. Twitch called this special feature 'raid'.

Like other features of the Twitch, raiding the Twitch was not easy to learn. In the following guide, we'll show you the simple steps you need to take to make a raid.

With that in mind, let's get straight to the point!

What is a Twitch Raid?

Twitch Raid is a feature introduced by Twitch to allow streamers to host content from other channels.

When a Twitch Streamer finished its series, they technically had two options. The first option is to say goodbye to your audience and turn off the stream. The second is raiding another channel and hosting their content - spreading awareness to other streamers.

New Twitch streamers rely on this type of support to get into the scene. Like all social media platforms, Twitch is an extremely difficult place to make a name for itself. So, if you feel generous, you can always raid a channel and try to follow them.

Not only is this a generous act, but nine out of ten times you will know that the channel you have raided will actually Raid you!

How to raid on Twitch

Like other features of Twitch, how to clip on Twitch, you can only do Twitch Raid using the chat box. You can also do this via the mobile and desktop app - it doesn't have to be through a browser.

Step 1: Type 'Channel Name' in the Chat.

How To Raid on Twitch

That said, when you're live, type 'channel name' into your chat. Obviously, change the 'channel name' to the name of the channel you want to raid.

Step 2: Now Click on Print on the Popup Control Box.

How To Raid on Twitch

After entering the raid command in the chat, a popup control box will appear in the chat. Be sure to select the 'Red Now' option to start the raid with immediate effect. If you have changed your mind, you can cancel the raid on this occasion.

The raid will start automatically after 80 seconds If no option is selected.

And that's it. Once the printout begins, you will host (showing) the content of this channel. Any user who now joins your channel will be redirected to the raid channel.

How to Configure your Twitch Print Settings.

Twitch has enabled a bunch of layout options around your channel's Raid settings. This will allow you to choose who can and cannot raid your channel, who can use chat during the raid, and Dodi can report raids when they occur.

To configure your channel's raid settings, select the Settings (Gear) icon in the chat box and change the channel mode to Followers Chat only. This is a very useful feature, especially if a channel attacks your stream for destructive reasons.

Within these settings, you will also be able to report or block accounts from being raided. Under the 'Tasks' section of the settings bar, click the 'Review Recent Impressions' tab. Once clicked, you'll have the option to ban or report previous raids.

You can restrict twitch raids to friends only. It takes a little digging but it's still quite straight:

1:Under the Settings tab, select 'Creator Dashboard' from the menu.

2:Inside the Creator Dashboard, go to Preferences> Channel Options.

3:Scroll down to 'Raids' and make sure the 'Allow only impressions from friends' tab is selected.

This will limit your account to friends' raid mode only - protect your stream from outside troll channels.


So, here you have it, our quick guide to raiding Twitch - a great little feature that allows you to spread the word about incoming streamers who are struggling to get into the scene. If you have any questions about the raid on Twitch, feel free to send us a message in the comments section below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Better yet, why not visit our Community Hub where you can discuss everything related to Twitch with like-minded people.

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