How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

Terracotta is a smooth, solid colored block that has multiple uses. It can be polished to create nice patterned blocks, it can be painted with the 16 colors available in the game, and it allows you to use smooth textured blocks for trims. Terracotta is a versatile block that can be easily found or self-cooked.

Required Materials for Terracotta

  • Clay Block (4 clay balls)
  • Furnace
To cook terracotta yourself, you will need to make clay into pieces of clay. You can use the Silk Touch tool to dig up an entire block of clay or to make clay balls into blocks. Fortunately, using a magic tool will not increase the number of clay balls, so it is best to use a silk touch magic tool to save yourself some time. You will have to cook the resulting clay block, so you will need a furnace with the fuel of your choice.

How to make Terracotta in Minecraft

There are two ways to get terracotta, you can make it yourself, or you can find a Mesa (also called Badlands) biome where terracotta will grow naturally. Finding Mesa is a matter of luck and apart from traveling fast, finding Mesa does not involve much strategy. Instead, let's focus on how to make it more common. Any block of clay that you own can be turned into terracotta. First find some soil, which is usually found in shallow ponds and lakes.

Soil is a light gray block that can usually be found underwater. You can easily break it with any silk touch tool to get the whole clay block. If you don't have a silk touch, you can break it with any tool or your hands to get 4 clay balls. Collect as much clay as you want to convert into terracotta and go to the furnace. Place your soil on top and refuel your furnace.

You will end up with a non-dyed terracotta that is smooth reddish brown. It can be difficult to find smooth blocks that are basically made of one color. Terracotta gives you the opportunity to use only a smooth color.

How to use terracotta

Now that you have made terracotta, you have many options available. First, let's paint terracotta in different colors. If you surround a piece of paint with 8 terracotta blocks, you can stain these eight blocks with this particular color.

It allows you to work with 16 different smooth colored blocks. On top of the possibility of stained terracotta, you can also shine the terracotta to create some beautiful patterns. To glaze terracotta, place burnt terracotta blocks in your furnace, regular terracotta cannot be glazed. Cooking stained terracotta will give you shiny terracotta.

Glazed terracotta is very different from burnt terracotta, its structure is unique and there are four different unique patterns that can be made from glazed terracotta.

Here are four unique designs that can be made from shiny limestone terracotta. The structure of the block depends on the way your block is laid down and the direction it is facing when applying terracotta. Play with the design to get a unique pattern. You can even combine some shiny terracotta pieces to make a nice piece of floor.

In addition to 16 different bases and 4 different patterns for each base, there are thousands of different possibilities, with the ability to combine some terracotta designs.


Clay blocks can be smelted into terracotta blocks through your furnace. You can collect clay blocks by making 4 clay balls into blocks and then sniff the resulting block. With Terracotta, there are many designs and color patterns that are open to you because you can paint terracotta with any one of 16 colors. There are more specimens available for staining terracotta and then sniffing it in shiny terracotta. The possibilities are endless!

Congratulations, now you know how to make the most differently designed blocks in Minecraft. Terracotta requires a smooth color as it can give you the color trim or solid color you are looking for. The terracotta can also be stained and sniffed so that you can find an interesting block of the game. You can do a lot with terracotta so collect and cook a lot of clay to get some creative juices flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does luck drop more clay balls?

A. Fate does not make a drop of dust. If you hit a piece of clay with a lucky tool, it always drops four balls of clay. If your goal is to get clay blocks, using the Silk Touch tool can help you save time by removing crafts from clay equations.

Q. How many different specimens of glazed terracotta are there?

A. There are 4 different patterns for each of the 16 different glazed terracotta colors. When you block, you can change the pattern by changing the direction you are facing. The structure of the glazed terracotta block will also change depending on which block you place it on, to orient yourself, try to focus on which block you are laying terracotta and its Rotate yourself accordingly.

Q. Does terracotta grow naturally in Minecraft?

A. Terracotta can be found in badlands, or mesa, biomes. This will naturally produce 6 different colors of terracotta, so you will need to stain the terracotta yourself to combine the other 10. You can usually find white, light gray, yellow, regular, orange and red terracotta in this biome.

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